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ISSUE № 9 June 17, 2020


World 2.0 Startups A fairly short piece with a great core message—observing that between the old world and the new digital era lies “World 1.5”, a transitional product that is halfway in-between worlds. The post goes on to list a few key examples like iTunes, Adobe Illustrator and OKCupid. Perhaps more inportantly, the post identifies a few open areas that are ripe for new innovation; remote video conferencing, school/university, theatres, etc. Worth the read just to get your mind thinking about what the future holds or even to begin actively looking for opportunities to improve on existing systems.

The prestige trap A reminder that a lot of people who did very important work during their lives did so by being playful and curious, not by fulfilling some obligation to do ‘Important Work’. I commonly find myself in the position of trying to force a particular activity to happen simply because I feel like I’m obligated to do something meaningful. The author quotes a paul graham essay saying: “Prestige is like a powerful magnet that warps even your beliefs about what you enjoy. It causes you to work not on what you like, but what you’d like to like”. A really important idea and an area I personally need to spend a lot more time working through.

Finite and Infinite Games: Two Ways to Play the Game of Life I’d wager most readers have probably heard this concept brought up once or twice, but it is an important one to keep in mind—especially for those, like myself, who can get caught up in the competition of life. Playing life as a finite game, you train for the rules. Playing as an infinite game, you focus on being educated to adapt to unknowns. Let’s remember that every day is another opportunity to learn more and to seek joy through playful experimentation.


Org-mode Workflow While not specifically a software, I found this series useful as a means of organising my own information capture workflow. I have previously attempted to use org-mode but found the learning curve too steep. I instead adapted some key principles here, like capturing to-do’s, into VSCode (I use Comment Anchors to place inline to-do’s, comments and notes in my code/writing).

Collected Notes Always a fan of any tools that make blogging easier. Looks like a well-designed site and I think it could be a great option for anyone starting to write online. I haven’t made an account so can’t speak to the functionality but I appreciate the core principles behind this project.

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Sylvain Sarrailh

Joseph Nickson

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