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ISSUE № 8 June 10, 2020


68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice Kevin gives an incredible list of advice from his 68 years on this planet. Among my favourites are “The secret to making fine things is in remaking them” and “Separate the process of creation from improving”. I highly recommend everyone read through the entire list and revisit it every once in a while. I get the feeling that many of these nuggets of gold come hard-won from first-hand experience and may save years of anxiety and failure throughout a lifetime.

Many people like to contribute to vectors, few like to own them Visakan references a great Paul Graham tweet here about how it is much easier to contribute to an existing ‘vector’ as opposed to creating it. This is something most of us understand already—creating new and unique things is hard, coming up with original ideas is a difficult thing to do. Visakan offers some great advice here by suggesting that even by articulating your idea modestly well, others can chime in and help you to understand the idea even better! The people around you can function as a support team that can help you to see different perspectives and leverage the knowledge around you. A really important concept to grasp in our hyper-connected digital age.

The Art of Dying A fairly long read but a great memoir of Peter Schjeldahl, a staff writer at The New Yorker. I particularly enjoyed the sections about his alcoholism and smoking habits—they are brutally honest and I appreciated the perspective. This piece is a little different to the writing I usually link to but I found it to be a thoroughly interesting read. I will be doing my best in the future, however, to avoid linking to paywalled articles.

Tooling I have found the ‘focus’ playlists to be very helpful when I sit down to do some project work or general admin. I like the feature of setting either 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours as I end up using the end of a playlist as a stopping point most of the time—after an hour or two of work I’ve generally done my best work and energy is declining anyway.

Google Cloud I have found this service to be very well-structured and documented, as you would expect from a company like Google. It makes hosting images on my personal site straightforward and I appreciate how easy it is to check my billing and statistics from a dashboard.

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