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ISSUE № 6 May 27, 2020


Why bother? This was an article that came at the right time for me, as the question of why I am writing and building a body of work in public was weighing on me. One great point made here is that you incur a kind of mental cost for carrying a bunch of ideas around—ideas you never executed on. Building in public is a way to clear your mind and the act of articulating them is often enough to either dismiss an idea or pursue it further. This is a short article but contains some absolute gems.

Grippy and slippy David Kadavy splits up the tools he uses in his creative process between the ‘grippy’ and the ‘slippy’. Slippy refers to tools like laptops and phones which are frictionless but allow for distraction, grippy are physical notebooks which force you to write slowly and think harder. There is room for both in a creative process, David believes it is best to use grippy first (to generate deep ideas) followed by slippy (to execute and iterate on ideas rapidly) and I tend to agree.

Stop Trying to Make Hard Work Easy Nir Eyal thinks we’re spending too much time trying to make work easy. There is some good advice in this article about how to overcome distraction but for me, the key point was that people want to start a habit just so that something difficult can eventually become effortless and that is simply just not possible for some activities—in this case, writing. We need to become comfortable with the fact that some tasks are just difficult, no matter how proficient we become in them. Embracing this mindset is crucial if we are to succeed over the long-term.


Inoreader My favourite RSS reader. I use the premium version to connect with Zapier and automatically push tagged items to an Airtable base that tracks the articles I consume each week. Plenty of really clever rules, automation and filters to intelligently curate a personalised feed. Even if you stick with the free version, this is great just purely for the great functionality and clean design. Highly recommend.

Wolfram Demonstrations Interactive notebooks for exploring and learning about a very wide array of concepts related to mathematics, physics, science, engineering and much more. A great database and resource for those inclined to level up their knowledge.

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