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ISSUE № 5 May 19, 2020

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Personal Renewal The transcript of an excellent talk given by John Gardner to McKinsey in late 1990. Reflections on work, life and the lens from which to view our past, present and future. This piece is tremendously hard to capture (though I did take notes on my personal blog) by the essence is that we can cope with the hardships of life if they are fought within the context of greater meaning—meaning that must be built, not stumbled upon, through our commitments and the actions we take every day.

Cost and value A timely reminder that “Your customers don’t care what it took for you to make something. They care about what it does for them.”—there are several products in my life that provide so much value I would easily pay 10x as much as I currently do, others would find that it՚s not worth anything to them. It՚s not about time, effort, or even creativity. It՚s about how useful and valuable the outcome is to a customer. I՚ll be thinking a lot more about this concept.

My Oversubscribed Life While I do personally see the merit in some subscription services (think Instapaper, Spotify, ProtonMail), this was a great piece because it drills down to why people go overboard with subscriptions. “The dream of the subscription is that without having to use our brains for something as mundane as remembering to buy razor cartridges, we might do something better with our time. We might even become more optimized human beings”. We subscribe to so many services to optimise our time but end up wasting that trying to optimise it even further. Worth pondering and even doing something like explicitly writing down what you hope a certain service will do your life; review this in a few months and confirm that it is indeed helping to achieve that goal. If not, ditch it.


Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird allows me to connect my mail accounts and view them in a compact, efficient app with a built-in calendar and tasks functions. I can open this every morning on my laptop and quickly build out a daily plan for achieving my goals, habits and responsibilities for the next 24 hours.

TensorFlow Quantum Recently announced TensorFlow Quantum is an open-source library for quantum machine learning. This library aims to bring recent developments from quantum computing to machine learning to model natural or artificial quantum systems. This is an exciting step forward in the world of machine learning and I hope to dive into this library soon.

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