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ISSUE № 4 May 13, 2020

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A quick note about the email side of this newsletter—at this point I will be putting it on hold until the publication reaches a larger audience. The workflow of converting these issues to a mailing format is proving to be quite slow at this point and is taking time and attention away from pursuing more content for the week. Please add the XML feed to your RSS reader by copying the link at the bottom of this page, this ensures you receive the issue the second I publish it. If you have any problems doing this please feel free to send me and email or DM, I would be happy to guide you through the process. Thank you for your understanding and see you next week!


The Elements of Euclid Nicholas Rougeux has put a serious amount of effort here in reproducing Oliver Byrne’s 1847 book about geometry. Beautiful illustrations, painstaking typesetting and interactive proofs. I am reminded how powerful refactoring design can be—what a difference intelligent implementation can make into breathing life into old content. A truly impressive project here.

Constraints Make You Interesting A short, punchy piece about the power that constraints can have when you implement your ideas. Constraints force us to think about correct implementation and to maybe think outside the box in order to solve a specific problem. An easy example is this newsletter, where I constrain myself to three pieces of writing, two useful tools and two images of people’s work. By limiting myself to these items, I can rapidly produce a distilled document of my week’s exploration.

Oh, the Paywalls You'll Meet I have been reading and listening to a lot of conversation about the concept of independent creatives charging $5 a month to 1000 subscribers. Or $50 a month to 100 subscribers. This model makes sense in our modern, technological era but I have also pondered what kind of long-term effect this might have, and how this works on a larger scale. An interesting technology called Coil is discussed in this piece, revolving around the concept that for $5 a month, you could access monetised content across the web. Using this technology, profits would be split between creators depending on how much time you actively spent accessing their content. Definitely something to consider moving forward.


Typehut A cool, lightweight option for getting a blog, newsletter or any other piece of writing out into the world. I love seeing software that reduces the barrier to entry (or just makes something so simple there is no excuse not to write online). I think realistically you would want to use a Pro account to take advantage of a custom domain but if you’re new to writing online the Free version would be just fine for getting your confidence up.

ProtonMail I use a paid ProtonMail account and am really happy with the functionality of this secure, privacy-focused email software. An especially useful discovery was using an email alias—I can subscriber to a newsletter using ‘’ and use custom filters to automatically file my received emails into a ‘Newsletter’ folder for later consumption.

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