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ISSUE № 1 April 22, 2020

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A brief thank you and welcome to the publication! A reminder that these issues will be produced on a weekly basis bring together thought-provoking ideas, articles, and podcasts in combination with useful software or tools, inspiring art, or anything else that captures my attention. I hope the inaugural issue proves to be useful and want to encourage everyone to reach out if you have thoughts, comments, or ideas for future issues.


An introduction to meta-modernism Finding the balance between working hard, finding meaning in our work and remembering our lives and achievements will ultimately be forgotten when we are gone. We must put an emphasis on enjoying the process rather than the outcome.

Week 3, oblique I have been loving Robin Sloan’s video game development diary, this is the third post in the series. Robin has a knack of picking up details I would certainly skim over, of finding inspiration in something like an image that fades to blue before black. He has an eye for creativity and innovation I doubt I ever will. Worth the read just for an insight into how his mind works.

Chess and concentration We can become so distracted in the modern era. Even when we manage to pull ourselves away from our devices and sit down to work on a project, we are usually still distracted to some extent. Distracted below the threshold. A great reminder to schedule your to-do’s, scrap the minutia, and focus on the tasks that will lead to your long-term goals.


Dynalist This has been a great software for combining to-do’s, writing casual notes and serving as a lightweight project management tool. This has been working well as an alternative to Roam Research and has a great mobile app.

Airtable I’ve known this tool has been around for a while but have only recently started using it as part of a personal tracking system. Having a versatile API that connects to apps like Pocket and Google Sheets is becoming increasingly important and with some intelligent setup, this can save a tonne of manual work.

The craft

Creative Mints: Blockchain Development

Roman Klčo

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